I really like this song from my album Shifting Blue

But I might like this version better…

Sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in, are lonely, or just invisible to those around us. Anonymous came together reflecting those feelings from my life. Two versions of this song came from working on my recent album. The piano solo fit well on Shifting Blue. But I liked this version just as much – maybe even more – so it gets its own special release as a single.

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Journey to Your Happy Place

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One night I sat down at the piano to work out my frustrations musically. By the end of that session, I felt upbeat and ready to take on the world.

Searching for an idea for my debut album, I realized that those shifting emotions would make a perfect concept. Shifting Blue was carefully crafted to take you on a journey from sadness, loneliness, etc. to hope and then to peace and happiness.

Released June 4th, Shifting Blue is composed of most of the songs I played that night. The journey starts with “Dusk” hinting at a coming change. “The Blue Door” feels the sadness that comes from moving on from someone or something. “Anonymous” is lonely, forgotten, and invisible. “City Lights” is the fleeting excitement of the world that doesn’t really lead to true happiness. “April Rain” strengthens us as we go through hard and challenging times. “Ember” is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. “Thanksgiving” is gratitude. And “Passing Clouds” is the awaited peace.

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